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I'm really falling for you...

... I hate what you're putting me through...

Matt Willis Fans
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Welcome to mattxfans, a community for fans of Matt Jay. I've been a fan of Matt ever since Busted came out in 2002 and I know there are a lot of fellow Matt fans on Livejournal, so I decided to make a community dedicated to him. Please read the rules before posting.

+ Rules
You can post whatever you want in this community, but it must be related to Matt Jay. Any off-topic posts will be deleted and members will be banned.
You can advertise other communities in here as long as they are Matt related in some way. Please only advertise one community per week.
When posting images please put them behind an lj cut if they are bigger than 300x300. When posting icons you can show a maximum of 3, then cut the rest.
Please respect everyone elses views and do not flame them unless of course, they start slagging Matt.
Make sure you PROMOTE the Community!

+ Staff
wners // __modernlove & mornin_star

+ Links
jimmyxfans & busted_fans & busted_tribute & mattwillisicons